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To:Alan Siwel <>, "" <>
Date:Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:30:55 -0500
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> Let me put to you this way, with the experience that I have had with the
> Histoscreen is that if you put a fragment in the cassette and you can
> see it at the time you close the cassette, the fragment will be there in
> the morning. Provided it is not a speck of mucus that will dissolve.
> As far as the air bubbles that may be produced during embedding, I
> believe it is due to the screen cooling off, from the time it takes to
> orient the tissue. As far as that goes I slide the cassette on half way
> while the paraffin is being dispensed through the cassette to the mold,
> with a small tilt up to the opposite of the paraffin flow, the air is
> pushed out, the cassette is pushed on completely with a push of the
> forceps, while you complete the fill. Now if there is a small bubble
> that does get trapped, until you perfect this technic. What I do is
> while holding the cassette down with two fingers, take and tap on the
> screen with rounded tipped forceps and the bubble breaks up and comes to
> the surface. If the bubbles are very small, I do not worry about them,
> there is no affect for me. I hope this helps. I have been using the
> Histoscreen for a long time, and I do not have to wrap, unwrap, use
> sponges or worry about any loss or artifact due to the above.
> Good Luck!!
> Alan Siwel wrote:
> >
> > So.. you gonna respond to this?? you gotta support what you believe in
> > tissueman. ;>)
> >
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> > Subject: Re: Histoscreen cassettes
> > Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:29:45 -0700
> > From: Jennifer Saunders <>
> > To: Alan Siwel <>
> > References: <>
> >
> > Alan, The histoscreens sounded great to us so we tried them. They have some
> > advantages but are very putsy to embed. The paraffin doesn't flow through
> > them very well so you tend to get air bubbles just under the cassette. This
> > for us was a bigger pain than the tissue paper and embedding bags we were
> > trying to get away from.
> >
> >  Jennifer
> >
> > Alan Siwel wrote:
> >
> > > I just got loggedonto the histonet.  Seems like it coud be a useful tool
> > > so...Does anyone have any pratical experience using the histoscreen
> > > cassette?  I've  heard about them and was wondering if anyone has any
> > > practical experience using them?

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