Re: Formalin spill clean-up procedures

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From:"Denise L. Woodward" <>
Date:Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:43:03 -0500

A few additional things to consider:
1. unless one is properly fit tested and medically cleared to wear a
respirator it would be a violation of the OSHA Respiratory Protection
2. Having witnessed a spill involving 10 gal ,  it was overpowering to
all involved. Best bet is to let a PROFESSIONAL HAZ MAT TEAM clean your
spill for you as they have all the proper protective equipment and their
services are usually free....they're called your local Fire Dept. If you
haven't advised them of the potential for formalin spills you are doing
yourselves and them a great disservice. 

After the spill we experienced, the threashold for calling the Fire Dept.
went from 10 to five gal.

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:25:08 -0500 "Luke, Don" <don.luke@SGMC.ORG>
>For larger spills, it is important to wear a full face respirator.  
>Formalin fumes will reek havoc on the delicate tissue of the eye.  
>it is important to neutralize the formaldehyde.  There are a number of
>commercially available Formalin spill kits, but for large spills where
>it is sometimes financially disadvantageous to use the commercial 
>any good kitty litter with urea will neutralize the formaldehyde.
>R. Don Luke 
>South Georgia Medical Center
>Department of Pathology
>2501 N. Patterson St
>Valdosta, GA 31602
>(912) 259-4830

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