Re: Formalin spill ?

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Date:Thu, 25 Mar 1999 11:50:36 -0500
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Rande Kline
03/25/99 08:53 AM

To:   Jennifer Saunders <>
Subject:  Re: Formalin spill ?  (Document link not converted)


I hope this makes sense.  How much of a formalin spill product you use to
absorb a spill is dependent on the product itself.  EM Science sells a
formalin spill product that I would be happy to fax you this kind of
information on.  Just send me your fax number.

You are fortunate to never have experienced a major spill.  I have had the
opportunity on more than one occassion.  For this reason, I used to keep
drums of formalin spill products and also I had smaller containers placed
in specific areas around the grossing room and around the tissue processing

My suggestion would be to access the areas where the formalin is stored or
used for the amount that could possibly spill.  Use the absorbance
information provided with the product to determine the amount to keep by
the area(s).  No matter what you would still have to check with your local
or state EPA to determine how to dispose of the absorbed product.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Jennifer Saunders <> on 03/24/99 07:19:39 PM

To:   "" <>
Subject:  Formalin spill ?

I am looking for any information on specific guidelines on how to handle
various volumes of formalin spills. The small ones are fairly easy to
take care of but "luckily" we have never experienced a large spill. Our
safety person is looking toward preparedness before the disaster and she
has been looking for any specific guidelines or requirements the
handling of this type of spill. Any help would be much appreciated.

Jennifer Saunders H.T.

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