Re: Elastic stains and Myelin

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Date:Thu, 18 Mar 1999 14:12:44 -0500 (EST)
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Puchtler and Waldrop published "On the Mechanism of Verhoeff's Elastica Stain:
A Convenient Stain for Myelin Sheath" in Histochemistry 62:233-247 (1979).
They state "Verhoeff's elastica stain is definitely not specific for elastin
and is inferior to orcein and resorcin-fuchsin because of the required
differentiation with its inherent bias to produce patterns which conform to
expectations. However, Verhoeff's elastica stain is far superior to other
metal-hematein technics for myelin sheaths. The combined Verhoeff-picro-Sirus
Red F3BA stain can be performed in 30 min and does not require
differentiation. It is therefore suggested to reclassify Verhoeff's elastica
stain as a method for myelin sheaths." 
Wonder why this did not seem to go anywhere?  Hope this helps, and that your
pathologists can find the reference.  I have a copy of the paper if all else

Freida Carson

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