Re: Bad Biopsy Cassettes/mesh cassettes.

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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:05:46 +1000
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	Dear Katie,

	In a lab I worked in we had problems with floating cassettes, principally
those with sponges in.  The problem was solved by keeping the sponges moist
in 20% ethanol.  This lowers the surface tension of the formalin etc, &
increases the wettability of the sponge.  I assume this principle would
hold true for these fine mesh cassettes.  So place specimen in cassette dip
in 20% ethanol (or what ever works for you) then into the processor rack.
Once there full of fluid & being processed there should be no problem.

	Hope this helps.


	Rob W.

At 02:08 PM 3/22/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I too have been having problems with biopsy cassettes not infiltrating
>well.  I have been using Fisher's Tissue Path Microsette Biopsy
>Cassettes and my histo lab informs me that sometimes they don't
>infiltrate well and there are "floater" cassettes.  I only like this
>kind of cassette because it has 6 little compartments in the cassette
>which is great for keeping small mouse tissues organized and less
>likely to flip over from the desired cut face.  The size of the
>infiltration pores is irrelevant to me as the tissues are large enough
>not to get lost.  Previously, I had been cutting little holes in
>sponges to stabilize the tissues while using normal cassettes
>(annoyingly time consuming!)
>So my question is:  does any one know of a supplier of cassettes with
>normal sized infiltration holes, but with these cute little
>compartments inside? 
>Catherine "Katie" Bresee Bennett
>Laboratory for Experimental Pathology
>Department of Veterinary Pathology
>Michigan State University
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