RE: Type III Collagen

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Date:Tue, 30 Mar 1999 11:19:50 -0700
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Hi Bonnie,
I have a lot of experience with collagen staining but III is not one that we
have working yet.  I get most collagens from the U of Iowa Hybridoma Bank,
but their collagen III only works on chickens.  I just bought one from
Biogenex, it is a mouse anti-collagen III, but I don't have it worked out
yet, in my experience collagen IHC requires extensive enzyme digestion
especially with pepsin and hyaluronidase.  Let me know what feed back you
get on Coll 3.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Hi All,
		I'm in need of Type III Collagen that works on
		paraffin-embedded tissue.  I sure hope that someone out
there has some
		experience to share on this subject.  Thanks in advance!
		Bonnie Whitaker
		UT--Houston Medical School

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