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From:"Patterson, Noelle" <PattersonN@NMRIPO.NMRI.NNMC.NAVY.MIL>
To:Histonet <HistoNet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Fri, 26 Mar 1999 14:06:35 -0500
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Hi all,

Help, I need to spend our supply money or lose it, and only 1 week to spend

I just spent a frustrating 10 minutes on the phone with an Allegiance
Healthcare Customer service representative.  I was trying to get current
pricing information from them, and she "could not" give me this information
without an account number (which I am not authorized to generate/get).  I
was able to determine that they no longer carry several Tissue-Tek items.
Can someone tell me who is distributing the following products (I know
Sakura Finetek is the "current" manufacturer of these products, but they
won't sell to us directly)?  Specifically,  Accu-Edge low profile disposable
microtome blades, Tissue-Tek Lubrication kit, Tissue tek white and green
staining dishes (I don't need the whole rack, just a few replacement
dishes), and Tissue-tek slide staining holders.

I am also looking for a quick-drying xylene-based mounting media to use with
glass coverslips on DAB/Alkaline Phosphatase (predominantly DAB)
immunohistochemistry tissue slides.  I used to use Baxter's Accumount- but
that has finally run out.  I was planning on purchasing Cytoseal 60 low
viscosity.  Are people happy with this media?  What are other suggestions?
I usually need to look at the slides within an hour or two from

I apologize for any repetitiveness of this post to the histonet, but I am in
an odd circumstance of a use-or-lose your money and would like to get these
supplies to hold us over while the $ is still there.  The money needs to be
spent within the next week, so I would appreciate prompt replies.

Thanks a bunch ,
Noelle Patterson
Naval Medical Research Center
Bethesda, Md

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