(Fwd) Re: Junks on Stained (Frozen Lymphoid) Tissue

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From:Neil MacIntyre <nmac@lab0.vet.ed.ac.uk>
Date:Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:44:54 +0000

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From:          Self <VET-LAB0/NMAC>
To:            Barry Rittman <brittman@mail.db.uth.tmc.edu>
Subject:       Re: Junks on Stained (Frozen Lymphoid) Tissue
Date:          Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:39:52 +0000

I have found that to get good cryosections of spleen, increasing the 
temperature to around -14 instead of the usual -18 to -20  makes 
sectioning a lot easier and stops the cracking/debri you have 
encountered. This is also a good tip for lymphnode. As for cutting 
paraffin sections of spleen. We process hundreds of mouse spleens on 
occasions and have found that  very short processing schedules 6 
hours in total help. For really problem spleens just pop the paraffin 
block onto water at room temp for 5minutes and you will get beautiful 
smooth thin sections with no problems.

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