Formalin spills

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From:Mike Kirby <>
Date:Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:41:35 +0200
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Jennifer Saunders asked how to mop up large spills of formalin.

The following is a "generic" approach to the problem. You may have to
modify it to fit your circumstances and local regulations.

Immediately move all personel away from the spillage, and warn others in
the adjacent areas.
Then, wearing the appropiate protective clothing (rubber gloves & boots,
plastic apron, respirator,etc) absorb as much of the spill as you can using
clean sand, earth or one of the commercially available inert absorbents,
which is then transfered, using a shovel or a scoop, into a suitable
container with a sealable lid.
If your local regulations permit, flush the area with large volumes of
running water, otherwise, apply lots of elbow grease, and use a mop and
bucket until clean.
Open up all doors and windows to help dispel any residual vapours, and
do not allow anyone to return to the room until clear.
Arrange with an authorised waste disposal Company to remove the container
with the sand/formalin mixture.
Conduct a enquiry as to the cause of the accident, in order to obviate any
future spillages.

Mike Kirby.
Chief Safety Officer

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