Aniline blue source?

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From:"R.W.Horobin" <>
Date:Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:17:26 +0000

G'day folks

John Baker asked about a source for Aniline blue CI 42780, as used 
for the Sterchi's modified Mallory method. 

Aniline blue is a trad name for all sorts of mixtures of blue, sulfonated, 
triarylmethane dyes. CI 42780 is the CI number for Methyl Blue, 
one of the usual components of 'Aniline blue'. You can get MB from 
standard suppliers, Sigma and ICN for instance. Or just get a 
Stain Commission Certified Aniline blue from anyone, and that should 
work OK.

In fact nearly all the 'Aniline blue' and 'Methyl blue' and 'Water 
blue' (that's another component in 'Aniline blue' usually) bathces are in 
fact mixtures of blue dyes. Whatever it is says on the label, much the 
same mix is usually present. A few might be mostly Methyl blue, and 
only a single compound. But USUALLY this doesnt matter, as long 
as the dye content is OK - hence the recommendation of a Certified 

Bye, Richard
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