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Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:45:23 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Hmmmm....  Let me see if I can figure this out.   You buy a piece of equipment for X thousand
dollars, lose the manual and the selling Co. wants a few hundred more dollars to replace the
manual.. and sends veiled threats of copy right violations to some one who is trying to be helpfull.
I suppose that Shandon would like me to be one of their customers .....NOT.

At least when I worked for Reichert Jung/AO I would send out the manual and any advice needed for a
customer and thank them for their business.  But then, it seems that the industry has changed a bit.
 Glad that I'm not in it anymore.  True there is a copyright law that covers these things but I side
with trying to be helpfull.

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> Before you make a copy and send it off, you might want to read up on copyright laws and get legal 
> counsel from your facilitiy's lawyers...
> Regards
> Mark Lewis
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> Shandon (manufacturer of the Citadel)
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> I have the Citadel 2000 manual (it's almost the same thing).  It's 26
> pages.  If you give me your address, I'll mail you a legible copy (I
> hope).
> >Hi again,
> >
> >Another opps!  We have a Citadel 1000 tissue processor from Shandon.
> >Unfortunately, the manual is missing. There's a xerox copy, but who ever 
> >copied
> >it did not lighten the toner, so all diagrams and legends are black.  It
> >doesn't help me much when I'm trying to set up a new program.
> >I've been told by someone at my department that it costs $167 for a
> >replacement. No wonder I can't get a raise. Would anyone know where I
> can >get >this manual cheaper?  Thanks again.
> >
> >Noi
> >
> Phyllis Davie
> Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
> PhenoPath Laboratories
> Seattle, WA
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