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From:Priscilla <>
Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 19:55:10 +0111
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A few days ago I published a query, which I hoped would encourage many
messages to the "Net" about how people discard, neutralize, etc. the
solutions we use every day in histology.  A few people answered me
privately, and I certainly appreciated their input. did not
spark the interest that I think is out there on this subject.

One of the great things about HistoNet is the input from the hundreds of
technologists out there that are so innovative.

I want to know specifically:

	1:  Do you throw strongly dyed liquids down the drain?  i.e., Hematoxilyn,
Eosin, Van Gieson, Counterstains, stc.  

	2:  Do you neutralize Formalin and then throw it down the drain?

	3:  What do you do with Picric Acid, Bouins Fixative, and the rinse water
that accompanies these solutions?

	4:  Please give me exact procedures for precipitating heavy metals, and
how to reuse those metalic salts.

	Now I encourage all of you to add to this list.  I know how to do some
things, but I may not have the best way.

	As I mentioned, I work in a small hospital in the middle of Wyoming where
it is very expensive to haul small amounts of anything anywhere.

You may be interested to know that I have received at least 2 e-mails from
people in the same situation that I am in, who are waiting to see these

Now please people, the interest is there, I'm sure.  Don't let me down.

Priscilla in Central Wyoming

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