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From:Sarah Christo <>,
Date:Thu, 11 Mar 1999 08:42:55 -0600
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Dear Debbie,
    I think you would need to separate processing schedules for those dimensions.  If you put the 5 x 5 mm specimens on that long program they would be quite over processed what I like to call "french fried".  I have found out the hard way that fish tissue seems to take a shorter processing time that mammal tissues.  So the 5 x 5 mm specimen I would probably run at about 20 minutes a station.  On the larger, if your dimension is 1 cm thick, (not sure from your description) then I would run that at about an hour a station.  And then you have to evaluate those times by cutting them and seeing if they are over or under processed.
I've never processed with chloroform, so I'm not sure how that would affect the times I gave you.
Sarah, Texas A&M Vet School

PS-Shandon is one of my favorite companies and the dog running thru the seagulls has not changed that.  -Sarah

>>> Deborah Faichney <> 03/11 6:46 AM >>>
Hi ,

We work with fish tissues, mainly Salmonids.  Our pathologist has asked if
we can reduce the overnight processing to 16 hours from 21 hours, thus,
enabling him to announce urgent samples late afternoon!!

 We use a series of Industrial Methylated spirit, Ethanol, Chloroform then
Paraffin.  Our tissue samples can be quite large (up to 3cmx1cm), normally
they are below 5mmx5mm.

Any ideas or comments will be gratefully received.

Debbie Faichney
Institute of Aquaculture
Stirling University

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