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Several years ago we published an artical in Carcinogenesis on the
demonstration of p53 in mice using a polycolnal antibody from Signet Lab.'s. 
This antibody also worked well in rats (unpublished) but we did not try it on
hamsters.  The reff. is:

Hegi, M.E., P. Soderkvist, J.F. Foley, R. Schoonhoven, J.A. Swenberg, R.R.
Maronpot, M.W. Anderson and R.W. Wiseman.  Characterization of p53 mutations
methylene chloride-induced lung tumors from B6C3F1 mice. Carcinogenesis
15:803-810 (1993).

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> Hi,
> Has anyone done Immunohistochemistry using Paraffin sections from Rat and
> Hamster with p53.We have worked alot with D07 and 1801 but these are -ve
> with Rat and Mice.
> If so, please supply with name of Protein and Company to buy through.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ann
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