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From:Nancy Shellhorn <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Ann,

I know someone that works stricktly with animals that uses Zymed p53 clone
BP53.12. I am sure he would not mind speaking to you about it. If you are
interested please give me a call and I will phone him to make sure its okay
that I give you his number.

Kind Regards!

Ann Samways wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone done Immunohistochemistry using Paraffin sections from Rat and
> Hamster with p53.We have worked alot with D07 and 1801 but these are -ve
> with Rat and Mice.
> If so, please supply with name of Protein and Company to buy through.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ann
> Ann Samways,
> Histology Unit,
> Dept of Stomatology,
> School of Dentistry,
> P.O. Box 647,
> Dunedin.
> New Zealand
> Phone (O3) 4797079
> Fax   (03) 4790673
> Email--

Nancy Shellhorn
South-Eastern Regional Sales
Zymed Laboratories, Inc
904-249-6968 Phone
904-249-6441 Fax

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