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While I have to agree with your comments below, which by the letter of the law are
correct.  I would also like to note that, yes, manuals are expensive to print. is the instrument that the Co. is selling.  At one time I worked at what
is now known as Leica and at BioRad we would just send the customer a manual at no
charge to them.  After all we were in the business of selling equipment not
instructions on how to use them.  Granted that if the instrument was obsolete it
might be a xeroxed copy but still we did the best we could.   

I would also add that $174.00 for a manual ~30 pages is a bit steep, I can buy
text books at that price.

Ahh well .....just glad to be out of the business if that's the way it's being
done now days.....

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> Hi Vinnie, 
> You bring up an interesting issue.  Perhaps Mark Lewis should have offered to
> sell his customer a manual before he reminded them that photocopying and
> distributing copyrighted material is a crime.   However, the offer was made
> over the internet and is a serious violation of the US Copyright laws.   
> <<I have the Citadel 2000 manual (it's almost the same thing).  It's 26
> pages.  If you give me your address, I'll mail you a legible copy (I
> hope).>>
> Shandon is perfectly justified in taking whatever legal actions it deems
> necessary to stop people from stealing what is rightfully theirs.   If not,
> what is to stop people from photocopying and distributing Histology text
> books, manuals, and scientific papers, which are also protected under the same
> copyright laws?
> Cliff Berger
> President
> Decal Chemical Corp
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