Re: Saving broken slide tissue

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From:Bonnie Whitaker <>,
Date:Fri, 12 Mar 1999 12:41:51 -0600
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The method I use is from "How to Do Multiple Immunostains When Only One
Tissue Slide Is Available"  from Applied Immuno 1(4):  297-298, 1993 by Pru
Mehta and Dr. Battifora.  I have used it with a couple of different mounting
mediums, and both seem to work well.  I tend to think it works a bit better
if you let it sit in water for as long as you can (all night and most of the
next day is my usual).
Good Luck!
Bonnie Whitaker

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Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 12:20 PM
Subject: Saving broken slide tissue

>Can anyone tell me how to remove tissue from a broken slide and mount it
>onto another slide? I've heard of this being done, but never actually seen
>the technique.

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