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Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:01:32 -0500
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To All,

I understand from Mark that Noi is getting a manual for no charge.

Mark, I apologize.  I sent this before I received your response on my
personal E-mail to you.

Okay,  can we be done with this now?  I did a lot of business with Shandon
in my days as a lab manager with very good service.  That is why I was
surprised at this whole situation.

Rande on 03/10/99 09:38:00 AM

To:, rkline
Subject:  Re[2]: manual

CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Do you hear that, Shandon?
Subject: Re: manual
From: at internet
Date:    3/10/99  8:46 AM


There is such a thing as sample accounts.  Here at EM Science all product
managers and sales reps have them.  In light of the first reply and all the
negativity from it,  I would think Shandon would want to redeem themselves
and send you a no charge manual on one of these types of accounts.

A $167.00 is nothing compared to the lost business and the chance to do
good business.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science on 03/09/99 06:50:24 PM

Subject:  manual

Hi everyone,

I placed the inquiry because someone has always been able to help me by
 useful information on the histonet.  If I offended anyone because I might
suggested something illegal, I didn't mean too.  When I was in college, we
many debates about situations like this and many of you touched upon the
points as we did--particularily copyright laws.  Our resolution was that we
were using it for educational purposes and nothing more.  This was and is
intention when I first posted the message.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded.  To all those that I pissed off,
didn't mean to.  And as always, everyone is very helpful.


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