Re: Mouse T-cells

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To:Ellen M McAvoy <>,
Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:25:58 +0100
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Dear Ellen,
I passed the step of looking for a suitable antibody for paraffin mouse
sections. I would recommend rat anti-human CD3 (monoclonal) from Serotec.
You need to cook your slides in microwave 2 x 5 min in citrate buffer. Dil.
of primary antibody 1:50 (PAP method).
I tried also antibody from Dako but I had a big problem with background.
Good luck,

Ellen M McAvoy <> on 09.03.99 15:19:16

cc:    (bcc: Grazyna Wieczorek/PH/Novartis)
Subject:  Mouse T-cells

I am looking for a T-cell reagent for use on paraffin mouse
tissues: spleen and lymph node.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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