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<<Anyone out ther Know of an "EDTA" type decalcifier for bone marrow
biopsies (in other words, fast and gets the calcium out)  that DOES NOT
contain acid. The decalcification process dissolves the calcium AND the
iron stores-I need one that decalcifies and leaves the iron. Anyone ??
Thanks Nita>>

The decalcification process will not dissolve the iron stores.  I have many
examples of bone marrow biopsies that have been decalcified and still
demonstrate iron stores.  I know of several factors that make it difficult to
accurately reveal iron stores after decalcification.

First, you must not kill the specimens by overdecalcifying them.  Resist the
urge to speed up the process by heating in a microwave.  We have found that
the best looking specimens are decalcified at 4 degree C.  There are some
people who will tell you that you can safely decalcify bone at 37 degrees C.
Decalcify, yes.  Preserve tissue, no.

Second, use a gentle decalcifier.

Third, you must wash the specimen clean of all traces of acid.  This means at
leat 10 minutes in running DI water.  Not tap water.  You don't want chlorine
and lead in your iron stain.  Remember and iron stain is one part 1 percent
HCL.  If there is even a trace amount of acid remaining in the tissue while
you stain for iron,  the accuracy of the stain will be thrown way off.

If you like samples of our products, call me at 1-800-428-5856.  We make some
very gently decalcifiers that will work very well for you.

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp
PO Box 236
Congers, NY 10920

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