Re: Decalcification on Bone Marrow Biopsies

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From:Donna Carr <> (by way of histonet)
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 Earlier I wrote: "We use a product from Surgipath called Decal I,  it
contains Formalin, Formic Acid, Methanol, DI water.  But we routinely
do Irons stains on bone marrow core biopsies.   We place the core
biopsy in the decal for approximately one to two hours.  It contains a
fixative so it is safe to place in decal immediately.  Hope this
helps!  Donna" THEN: I did more searching and was corrected on the name
of the product.  The product is called Decalcifier I  from Surgipath. 
Sorry if I stepped on any toes. "Decal" is a registered trademark to
another company. According to Freda Carlson Histotechnology: A
Self-Instructional Text Second Edition page 210. She writes"  Iron may
be dissolved by some of the acidic fixatives and decalcification
solutions;          however, iron is still demonstrable on bone biopsy
specimens that are fixed overnight in Zenker solution containing 3%
acetic acid.  Both fixation and decalcification are accomplished, no
further decalcification is needed, and the iron is preserved. <italic>
Because Zenker solution contains mercury, it would be better to use
another fixative, and then decalcify briefly in 3% to 5% acetic or
formic acid</italic>. " I added the italics. Using Decalcifier I we can
fix and decal the specimen at the same time.

Searcy, Nita J. wrote: 


Anyone out ther Know of an "EDTA" type decalcifier for bone marrow
biopsies (in other words, fast and gets the calcium out)  that DOES NOT
contain acid. The decalcification process dissolves the calcium AND the
iron stores-I need one that decalcifies and leaves the iron. Anyone ??
Thanks Nita



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