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Date:Mon, 08 Mar 1999 08:54:38 -0500
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Tami, what exactly is your processing schedule. Also what kind of tissue do
you process mostly. I need to know this info before I can offer some
solutions. Also, Richard Allen has a solution called "pen-Fix". After
sectioning breast or other fatty tissue, put the tissue into this solution
for several hours, then process as usual. Don't put uterus into it though,
it will just be harder to cut.
Noreen S. Gilman, HT (ASCP), CLS
Laboratory Manager
Skin & Cancer Associates

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Subject: troublesome tissues

Hi everyone,
	I am trying to fix, process, and section breast and uterine tissue.

Although the uterus was fixed
in 10% NBF for several days, it still appeared to have areas that were
fixed.  The processing
schedules that I have been using are 12 hours long, and do not seem to be 
effective, especially
on the breast tissue.  Does anyone have any advice they wouldn't mind
I have not been able
to find anything in our laboratory's textbooks.
Thanks in advance,
Tami Lee

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