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From:Ian Montgomery <>
Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 17:06:46 +0000
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>From: "Luke, Don" <>
>To: "'Ian Montgomery'" <>
>Subject: RE: reply-manual and copyright laws
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:04:36 -0500
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>OK Ian I'll bite.  I am from South Georgia USA  and have been here all
>my life and have sometimes been accused of being socially illeterate.
>So you'll have to explain "I haven't a tosser" to me.
>R. Don Luke
>South Georgia Medical Center
>Department of Pathology
>2501 N. Patterson St
>Valdosta, GA 31602
>(912) 259-4830
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>>From:	Ian Montgomery []
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>>Subject:	reply-manual and copyright laws
>>	Wonder how the companies view my activities.
>>	Trade literature and brochures are filled with lovely diagrams and
>>illustrations. For teaching I freely copy these onto 2x2 slides and use
>>them for lectures. I do of course, no kidding, always acknowledge the
>>source. Well, there is a moral obligation and I feel that in doing so I am
>>repaying the company for the use of the figures. With this small degree of
>>advertising you never know, someday one of these students might be a
>>	If your thinking of a lawsuit, don't bother, I haven't a tosser.

	In this instance, 'I haven't  a tosser' simply means, I have no
money. The English language, in its many forms and dialects, has words and
phrases that can be used in a variety of ways. My lack of money could have
been expressed as 'skint', 'stony broke', 'haven't two brass farthings to
rub together' or  'have hee haw'. There are many other expressions for this
lack of funds but some are a wee bit fruity for the delicate ears of our
lady members.

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