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We had puchased the first xylene recycler from CBG. We now have 2 and run
them daily. Nice units when you have the space and the personnel to maintain
them. Our techs are scheduled on rotation to perform the distilling. The
only problem that I have encountered is when we overloaded the recycler with
more than 2 gallons of waste xylene. There is no sensor or mechanism in
place to warn you of too much intake. We ended up with an small flood and

We do not use the recycled xylene on our Sakura film coverslippers but have
maintained quality in all other procedures throughout the laboratory.

The recycling process does also impart a methenamine scent to the xylene
which we alleviate with a few drops of glacial acetic acid.

Eric Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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From: Vicki L McKaughan
Sent: 3/7/99 4:01 PM
Subject: cbg solvent distiller

Does Anyone use or have any information concerning
the CBG Biotek alcohol/xylene distiller.  I am considering purchases
this unit this summer.  I have
demo'd it and found it to work very well, but am concerned about down
time and long term use since
it is relatively new on the market.  We currently have
an older B/R distiller.  It works well, but I would like to
upgrade to a newer model as this one is over 10yrs
old.  I have not demo'd the newer B/R but have seen
it at convention and I have litature.  Any thoughts or
information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Vicki McKaughan, HT (ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Camden Clark Memorial Hospital
Parkersburg, WV  26101

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