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InnoGenex has two monoclonal anti-Actins: Skeletal Muscle, Smooth 
muscle:both are well validated for human tissue. The anti-Actin polyclonal 
(rabbit)  is validated for human and mouse tissue:This pAb stains I-Bands 
in skeletal muscle.
Additionally, you shouldn't feel constrained to using non-mouse primary 
antibodies when staining mouse tissue--The ISO-IHC Kit that enables 
'mouse-on-mouse' IHC and produces signal:noise ratios that are better than 
most human-tissue stains (no background staining).


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We use Dako's antibody for smooth muscle actin.  It works quite nicely on
human and rat, I would assume that it will work on mice but we haven't
tryed that yet.  We use a 1:100 dilution of the primary 10 min. at room
temp. and we use Dako's Envision kit secondary is also 10 min. at RT.
Works like a charm and it's quick and simple.

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>       Anyone using an good reliable antibody for smooth muscle cells.
> Will be staining human and possibly mouse tissue.
> Ian.
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