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From:Elizabeth Wenig <se59aw@yahoo.com>
To:Histonet Listserv <Histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Tue, 09 Mar 1999 18:09:44 -0500
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> Dear Histonetters, <p>Just wanted to remind those of you that were interested in attending the Ohio Conference this June, that the Early Bird Tuition Special will expire this weekend and the tuition prices will be going up on Monday.  If you were planning to register, please go to the HSO Web site at <A HREF="http://www.hsoweb.org/conf99/index.htm">http://www.hsoweb.org/conf99/index.htm</A> and fill out your registration form, or print the registration form and submit it to meet our March 14th deadline. <p>The HSO Conference offers 30 sessions covering almost all areas of anatomic pathology as well as some personal growth sessions that are going to make your life a little more pleasant.  We have veterinary sessions, immunohistochemistry sessions, molecular biology sessions, forensic sessions for both human and wildlife, grossing sessions, and some traditional histology topics that are going to help you run your lab smarter, faster and more efficiently in FTE's and budgeting. <p>If you are looking for an all encompassing conference with a lot of information available in the classes as well as in the tradeshow (exhibitor) area.  The Histology Society of Ohio conference is your one stop event which will occur in the most beautiful part of Ohio at the Mohican Resort and Conference Center on June 24-27, 1999. <p><b>Some of our world renown presenters:</b> <br><b><i>Identifying Wildlife Species from Field Evidence</i></b> <br>Peter Dratch, Ph.D., US Fish and Wildlife Service, Arlington, Virginia USA <p><b><i>Flow Cytometry - Overview and Application to Cells and Nuclei from Tissues</i></b> <br>James F. Leary, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas USA <p><b><i>Automated Immunohistochemistry Wet Workshop for the Beginner</i></b> <br>Gale Pace, DAKO Corporation, Carpinteria, California USA <p><b><i>Automation, Acceleration, and Microwaving for Special Stains</i></b> <br>Mary M. Davis, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio USA & <br>Rod Green, SARCOM Enterprise Education, Columbus, Ohio USA <p><b><i>The Dissection of Surgical Specimens: What the Grossing Tech Needs To Know and How To Do It</i></b> <br>Andra Kennah, PA (AAPA), & Mark C. Sneckenburg, PA(AAPA) <br>OhioHealth Systems, Columbus, Ohio USA <p><b><i>Microwave Processing Techniques for Microscopy</i></b> <br>Richard Dapson, Ph.D., Anatech Ltd., Battle Creek, Michigan USA <br>Steven Slap, Energy Beam Sciences, Agawam, Massachusetts USA & <p><b><i>The Use of DNA in Identity Testing</i></b> <br>Marcia Eisenburg, Ph.D., Laboratory Corporation of America, <br>Research Triangle Park, North Carolina USA <p><b><i>Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery</i></b> <br>Roberta Arbaugh & Ronald J. Siegle, MD <br>The Ohio State University Medical Center <br>Columbus, Ohio USA <p><b><i>Veterinary Pathology and its Role in Safety Assessment Studies Leading to Drug Approval by the FDA</i></b> <br>Allen Singer, DVM, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio USA <p>There are still more topics and more advanced classes in the same topics with some personal growth sessions that will help you financially, health wise, stress wise, and help you understand cultural diversities. <p>To enroll or to exhibit, please visit our Web site at <A HREF="http://www.hsoweb.org/conf99/index.htm">http://www.hsoweb.org/conf99/index.htm</A> or please contact me for a hard copy of the program or to ask questions. <p>Looking forward to seeing you at Mohican...maybe we could go canoeing on Sunday? <p>Elizabeth Wenig <br>E-mail: conf99@hsoweb.org <br>Phone: 614.566.9177 <br>Fax: 614.566.8862 <br>Toll Free: 800.41.HISTO <br> </html>
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