Gentle Jane freezing method

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Date:Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:16:08 -0500
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The Gentle-Jane freezing method is an excellent way to snap-freeze tissue
It combines both low temperature and very good thermal exchange both of
which are necessary for the best freezing. This method prevents cracks and
holes forming during the freezing process
 With the Gentle-Jane method a weighty chrome -plated heat extractor with a
mirror finish is chilled to liquid nitrogen temperature(-196deg Celsius).
When you are ready to freeze the specimen you position the tissue on the top
of the embedding medium(CryoGel is very viscous and will support the tissue
better than other media)
and the heat extractor is positioned on the Gentle Jane device. It falls at
a controlled rate and contacts the tissue on top of the CryoGel. In 8-10
seconds the tissue and embedding medium are frozen with minimal ice-crystal
artifact. The block is ready for sectioning. The tissue is uppermost in the
block minimizing the trimming necessary to face off the block.


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