DAB waste disposal

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<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param><bigger>This is in response to a
query from Joyce Ward (East Ohio Regional Hospital) on DAB disposal,
particularly concerning permits for waste treatment.

Unless the state or local regulations require it, you may be able to
treat your hazardous laboratory wastes without needing a "license". 
The U.S. EPA allows such treatment of laboratory wastes without special
permits.  In the EPA publication "Environmental Management Guide For
Small Laboratories" (July 1998, publication # EPA 233-B-98-001) it

"Generators of hazardous waste may treat their wastes on-site provided
they treat in tanks and containers, and they are not conducting thermal
treatment.  If it is acceptable to incorporate treatment steps,
suitable options for waste minimization (e.g., In-lab treatment) should
be considered when planning experiments.  Often steps can be added at
the end of the experiment or procedure to eliminate hazardous
byproducts and waste."

Although chemical treatment specific to histopathology is not
mentioned, the EPA booklet does say that oxidation reactions,
precipitation of toxic metals, and other means of detoxification and/or
waste neutralization are acceptable.

If you are interested in pursuing this route, be sure to check the
state and local regulations concerning treatment of hazardous
laboratory waste.

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