Conn's Biological Stains

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From:Martha Strachan <>
To:"'histonet'" <>
Date:Fri, 12 Mar 1999 10:56:40 -0800
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I am in search of information for the book "Conn's Biological Stains',
Lillie, 1977, Williams and Wilkins.  Had this book before but it
belonged to the company library.  The publisher (Lippencott, Williams
and Wilkins) says it is out of print and referred me to  and
they also do not have the book.  Does anyone know where I might be able
to get a copy or a reprint?  I know that Franklin Book Company will do
reproductions of out of print CRC books ( and they do very nice work).
Was wondering if anyone knows of any other companies that will do book
reproductions.  Thanks in advance.

Martha Strachan
Sr. Research Assoc.
Skeletech, Inc.
Kirkland, WA

 not have the book.

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