Animal research kits.

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From:Ann Samways <>
Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:25:05 +1200
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Hi to fellow histologists,
Has anyone out there had experience with either the Animal research
Kit,Ark,K3954 (Dako product) or HistoMouse Kit(HistoRat etc)This being a
Zymed product. .We will be using the kits on Paraffin sections from Rat and
Hamster, that have been fixed in Bouins.
Can I have your feedback please.
Thanks in Advance

Ann Samways,
Histology Unit,
Dept of Stomatology,
School of Dentistry,
P.O. Box 647,
New Zealand

Phone (O3) 4797079
Fax   (03) 4790673

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