Re: [Histonet] sections rolling - need ribbon!

From:Rene J Buesa

Check the type of paraffin, it may be of a very low melting point. Check also the thickness you have set the microtome for, it may be too thick.
  René J.

Patty Dunlop  wrote:
  Hello Histonetters,

We just opened a new lab and I am practicing on all the equipment this week
to make sure everything is working properly before we go live.
Having a problem - I can't get ribbons to form on the microtome. They keep
rolling up on me and sometimes rise up with the block. I am using a brand
new Leica RM 2255, and have tried clearance angles of 4, 5, and 6. Am using
Accu-edge disposable blades, and am icing blocks before trying for
sections. We are doing mostly small GI biopsies, so they are small blocks.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Patty, HTL (ASCP)
Monterey Bay GI Consultants
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