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From:Paul Bradbury

The obvious advantage to using nuclear fast red is the contrast between the phthalocyanin blue of the myelin and the clear red shades of the chromatin. Cresyl echt violet is a purple-blue that does not contrast optimally with the blue of the myelin. 

Both counterstains will show Nissl granules as desired, but small granules may be more difficult to see when stained red as opposed to when they are stained purple-blue.

Nuclear fast red will stain very well at room temperature ... no need to 
heat it. A 0.5% aqueous solution of NFR will produce nice results with 
staining times of 5-10 minutes. Some of the stain will be removed by the 
dehydrating alcohols, so fairly quick dehydration is better.

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, Canada

Michele Wich wrote:
> Has anyone ever done a Luxol Fast Blue stain with a nuclear fast red
> counterstain? Does anyone know what would be an advantage of using this
> over cresyl echt violet? And lastly, if someone is using NFR as a
> counterstain, is it necessary to heat it as is done with the CEV when
> counterstaining?
> Any info is greatly appreciated!
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