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From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Roxanne:
  There are NO industry standards per se, but there are some studies. There is one about benchmarks by Valenstein et al. It is the result of a study commissioned by CAP with data from 165 medical laboratories that include information on histology.
  Each and every consulting company has some standards that they apply when organizing a laboratory to "comply" with some management method (or fad).
  I have a study on productivity, and another on staffing that may be helpful and if you want I can send them to you.
  René J. wrote:
  I know that this has come up before, but I need to refresh my memory.......are there any published industry standards for how long it should take to do any given task in histology from data entry to coverslipping?

I did our FTE analysis for my boss to show him for the amount of work we have that we are short 1.5 FTE's...which of course I did by using how long it takes my employees to do the work we have/task (2 minutes to cut a block, etc).? But, he wants to know if this is optimal compared to industry standards.

Can anyone help me?

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