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From:Geoff McAuliffe

I noticed this years ago. I labeled a slide with Sharpie ink. The 
alcohol, or was it xylene, level in the Coplin jar was high enough to 
dissolve the ink. Voila, stained nuclei!
I guess I should have published it.


Bower, Jennifer wrote:
> I figured it out! All day I've been working on this idea, and it works!
> All you have to do is run your slides through to water, then take a
> Sharpie pen (I use black) and ink all over the sample, then put the
> slides through the rest of the protocol, just replacing the hematoxylin
> step with the application of the Sharpie. I got wonderful blue/black
> nuclei and crisp chromatin detail.
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> ok, ok. Let's get to the real issues.
> If we don't have hematoxylin, can we use blueberry juice and vodka, or
> was 
> than gin?
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