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From:Elizabeth M Heimrich

I took that course!!   It is a very informative independant learning 
exercise, but they have a set of prerequisites such as biology and 
chemistry.  Thenin lies the problem for a lot of OJT Histotechs.  They 
have the experience, but they don't have the college courses.  We have a 
problem, so now what do we do?!? 
Personally I think the techs should have the bio and chem background 
because a lot of techs who are not science savy have done some harmful 
mistakes.  For example, I have seen a lab aid dump unneutralized 
formalin waste down the drain.  Another tech thought it was OK to store 
acids and bases in the same cabinet, and even another person with no 
chem background made a batch of acid alcohol with 10% NBF!!  My slides 
that day looked like garbage!!   No wonder the safety cops have cracked 
Just my 2 cents,

Judy Collins wrote:

>What about the nontraditional learning programs such as Indiana University's?  Our laboratory has helped 5 prospective techs through the past few years to become histotechnicians through their program.  The program is 10 months long at a very reasonable cost and the candidates are eligible to sit for the ASCP at the end of the program.  I believe there are some other similar programs as well.
>Judy Collins
>Palm Beach Pathology
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>If we think about the cost of 2-4 years of college to obtain a degree in
>order to qualify for the Histology test, most of us would be in debt when
>finished.  Then look at our salary and you can see how the requirements just
>aren't supported by the salary.  Most of the students will come out of
>college owing on student loans.  The salaries they would receive as new
>histotech would allow them to pay off their student loanswhile maintaining a
>decent living (at least here in CA).
>With both my sons in college (using student loans) we had to take a serious
>look at the final amount they will owe when the graduate and compare it to
>what they would be earning.
>I am not sure what the solution is.  Any ideas?
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