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From:"Joe Nocito"

what I have done in the past, (and has been put through the ringer with 
different inspectors) was to have a log book with the date, case #, immuno 
(s) stained, reaction results and the doctor that gave me the control. I 
would have a stained slide (s) in the control box until that block was 
exhausted. I then put that slide in a file and held on to it for 5 years.
If I made control blocks from wet tissue ( as in a colon cancer case) I 
would label the block as  to the tissue type (colon cancer) and block 
number,  "colon cancer 15" I would right the case number on the side of the 
block (s) so the block could be referenced back to the log book.
There might be easier ways to do it, but every time an inspector looked at 
it, they were impressed with our ability to go back to the original case. 
Hope this helps.

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Subject: [Histonet] CAP guidelines for immuno controls

Does anyone know what is required by CAP for keeping IHC controls? Is it
necessary to keep a physical log of dates and batches each control is
run with? Or is it enough to keep an example of the stained control in
the appropriate control box? I've never been clear on this.

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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