Re: [Histonet] Antigen retrieval

From:"Andrea Hooper"

If you are worried about your "regular" water baths evaporating 
(which wouldn't happen if filled satisfactorily full and covered as 
Gayle suggested) you can purchase "molecular" grade waterbaths just 
for this type of purpose. We do in situ hybridizations etc using them 
overnight - sometimes even several nights without any issues. When 
filled with enough water, they hold their temp wonderfully and with a 
lid there is not that much evaporation.

Even so I routinely do overnight incubations for retrieval at 80 degC 
and haven't had any issues, but my water baths are quite deep and I 
fill them rather full before use. I weigh down my plastic slide 
container (the Tissue tek kind that holds 24 slides) with a weight 
and all is stable for the night.


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