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From:Kim O'Sullivan

Hi Gayle, Renee and others,
=0DThanks for the reply's. I am staining for KIM-1/TIM-1 and all the literature states that it has to be subjected to antigen retrieval at 80 degree's celsius overnight,- I was just worried that I would come back to the lab the next day to find either the lab had burned down or my tissue ruined!
=0DGayle Callis  wrote:> 
> Rene and Kim,
> If you cover the waterbath (they come with covers) and also the slide
=0A> container (coplin jars, whatever), it should eliminate evaporation.
> Waterbath methods are also found in the literature.  Jules Elias has
=0A> published a method but I do not recall the temperature used overnight.
> I have several waterbath heated methods that use higher temperatures for=0D> shorter times if Kim is interested. I will be happy to provide those via=0D> private message with attachment.
> Gayle M. Callis
> Bozeman MT 59715
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>> Never heard of such a procedure. On the other hand, unless you are
>> dealing
>> with a HUGE amount of buffer, it will evaporate during such a
>> prolonged
>> period of time.
>>  Check your reference, I think something is not right.
>>  René J.
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