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From:"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

You are lucky to get that few. I get about 30 per day.
Addresses are readily collected. There are trawlers available to do
this. One of the spams I get every few months offers me something like
15 million e-mail addresses (for a tidy sum of course).
Anti-spam programmes are not very efficient. I have tried several.
Since spamming became illegal in the UK about 2 years ago, with
monstrous fines, the result has been that nobody has been caught and
spam has increased substantially.
It's a single digit answer I'm afraid. Index finger and delete key:-(


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Ever since I subscribed to the Histonet, I've been receiving a lot of
spam every day (mostly from people in Africa/Europe, either telling me
I've won the lottery or asking me for my bank account number so that
they can smuggle money out of their country).

I can understand receiving this spam if this was a private home email
account, with medium security levels, but I work at a University that
has a very tight security system on their incoming email, so the only
thing I can figure out is that this mail is getting through via a
Histonet member's addressbook.

I must have to delete 10-15 of these spams a day (it's the only spam I
get, too).  Very frustrating.  Anybody have any suggestions as to how to
eliminate these pesky creatures?  Blocking the Sender doesn't work; they
just change their addresses.

Jan Shivers

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>I received an email from some moron calling himself "Bob Lama" about a

>free atm card - clearly an illegal scam asking me to send $600 for my  
>$10milllion ATM card.  I'm curious if this came from a histonet source,

>or  should I look elsewhere for where this scam picked up my email
> Jackie O'
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