RE: [Histonet] Ki-67 for mouse

From:"Andrea Hooper"

I am a loyal advocate of the veggie steamer with DAKOs TRS solution - 
have been for years. It really revolutionized the quality of my 
stainings. 20 minutes at 95 deg C with a 20 minute cool down on the 
bench. Gorgeous results, I can send you a pic under separate cover if 
you like.

At 3:12 PM -0400 4/11/08, Jacqui Detmar wrote:
>Hi there.  Re: this clone on mouse FFPE tissues, I find that I need to
>do citrate buffer retrieval in a microwave pressure cooker in order to
>see binding.  Do you find this to be true for you, too?  If not, what
>method of antigen retrieval do you use?  I find the pressure cooker
>method makes my sections look crappy...poor nuclear counterstaining....
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