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Hi all
I'm not sure how the law is set-up in CA but it is a complete mess here in
New York.......Our law, just  passed in 2006 requires all "clinical
laboratory" personnel to be licensed. Briefly, the law created a generalist
license, allowing anyone who meets the educational and test criteria to
practice in a clinical laboratory. However, there is no distinction between
specialties, and no mention of histology. In fact the educational curricula
proposed only requires 1 semester course in histology (microscopic) in order
to be licensed. IN addition, anyone wishing to come to New York to practice
in histology now has to meet the educational requirements (specific course
work) and take the generalist test (covers all areas but is mostly
CP.....from chemistry to blood banking) regardless of years in practice,
certifications or degrees.
I believe that there are a few other, if not several, states considering
licensing legislation. I highly recommend that histology people get
involved..... get your state society to represent you in this process.
Otherwise, you may end up far worse off than you already may be.......

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Hello Dan in Danville,

Having worked and lived in the SF Bay Area for a
number of years, and in Danville too, I know exactly
what you are talking about!  I agree with everything
you and Patti stated.

You may or may not be aware of it, but Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger has mandated that ALL laboratory staff
working in health care, be certified by 2009, or was
it 2010.  This includes histologists.  I know of a
number of histologists that are not certified in CA,
and this is going to cause a huge problem, as well as
further shortages in histology laboratories.  NY has
been dealing with this issue too.

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