RE: [Histonet] Formalin fixation - how long does it last?

From:"Bower, Jennifer"

We use a 2% formalin/125mM EDTA solution to do our mouse bone
decalcification. Are you sure there wasn't any formalin in with the
EDTA? I'm pretty sure you can't "unfix" formalin fixation, if the bone
is decalcified to your liking, continue with your protocol and see if
you like the results.


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Subject: [Histonet] Formalin fixation - how long does it last?

I have been given some small mouse bones which were fixed in 10%
formalin for 48h but were then transferred to EDTA for decalcification.
They have been left in the EDTA for about 6 weeks. Will they still be
fixed or should I put them back into formalin - or is it too late to do
anything with them? Ideally we want to stain for B cells but could just
do some H&E if we cant get any staining.


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