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From:"Haggerty, Bekki"

Let me introduce myself. I am Bekki Haggerty the instructor for the
Clover Park Technical College Histology Program. I have been a certified
Ht for 15 years and graduated from the school in Seattle in 1993. We are
in our 3rd quarter of instruction and the students are already well
trained to cut, embed and have run a battery of special stains. I
currently have 11 students who are ambitious and enthusiastic towards
their career choice. We will be entering a unit of IHC this quarter
also. Thses students are scheduled to hit the work force at the end of
summer 2008. Each and every one of them will be fantastic techs!!!! Look
for their arrival into the histology world shortly.  


Rebecca Haggerty HT ASCP

Clover Park Technical College

Histology Technician Instructor



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