[Histonet] Tissue processors

From:"Cindy DuBois"

I know this subject has been passed around many times, but I can't find
anything recent in the archives.
My boss wants me to reasearch rapid processors vs. standard processors.  His
specific question was is it more practical to buy one rapid processor or two
standard processors.  We have 2 VIP's now (2000 & 3000) that are about 15 &
20 years old. We currently run both processors with w/ different
programs  to accomodate fatty, thick specimens vs. biopsies.
We will need to replace them soon.
Are the VIP's still good processors, or are there others I should be looking

I will also welcome information from sales reps.

Cindy DuBois
Integrated Pathology
Stockton, CA
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