[Histonet] RE: Salary / Temp positions

From:"Cindy DuBois"

I have trained both people with and without a biology / chemistry
background.  The ones with the background are so much easier to work with.
The ones without take so much more training that I sometimes wonder if it is
worth it.  I guess it probably is if you are short-staffed.
I graduated from an Electron Microscopy Training program many years ago.
There were so many similarities between light and electron microscopy I did
not have a difficult time with the test and obtaining HT.  I have a
co-worker w/o any biology or chemistry background who took the test 3 times
and was never able to pass it (prior to the new rules).  I still get blank
looks from this person when I try and explain why a stain didn't work, or
the tissue didn't process properly.
My employer is now realizing he has to pay more to get the quality of
employee he wants.  This is good for me because last time he hired an HT he
had to give me a raise (as a supervisor) to keep my salary above the new
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