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Hi Jennifer,
Oil red O is a stain for lipids. It must be done on frozen sections, as processing for paraffin embedding dissolves lipids. You should use snap-frozen tissue, either fresh or formalin-fixed. I have no technical pointers (not being involved in that part of the work), but the technique is fairly common and described in many texts. The resulting stain can be a bit messy, especially with very fatty tissues. Good luck !


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Hello all!

I had a investigator come to me this morning and ask if I've ever done Oil Red Staining for hepatic steatosis before.  I have never heard of this.  Is it easy and does someone have a protocol for it or maybe a better way of staing for hepatic steatosis if this is no longer done?

Thanks for your time gang!  You guys are the best!

Jen at Hopkins


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