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From:"Martin, Gary"

I have been reading these listing with great interest ... Dan's writing
prompted this listing.  I am one of those people who fell into histology
because we did not have backup for our "certified" histo tech at our
pathology lab.  I do not have the "proper education" to qualify for a
certification.  The histo tech that I backup helped very little in my
training, and shares a bit of the attitude I read on this listing
sometimes, which is everybody should be certified or else they are not
credible techs.  I came in on my weekends and after hours to train
myself on expired blocks, while putting myself through Freida Carson's
self instruction text. 


I do agree that it is probably best to be officially trained, but with
the shortage I believe that there should be some sort of variance to the
rules (there may be ... but I haven't found it).  I presently work with
the local high schools in a program I helped developed called the Health
Academy, which introduces students to different areas of health care via
a shadowing program.  The shadowing program and the presentations we
give in the class rooms provide a great opportunity to introduce these
student to histology.  The question from these students is "where do you
get trained for this ,how long does it take, and what are the wages"
The answer to that question is usually not what they want to hear
(exampled by these listings).  One kid told me "if you get accepted to
the plumbers training program through the union, you will start working
on the job immediately, and be earning about thirty to forty thousand a
year.  Your requirements are, to attend school a couple of times a week
(in the evenings) for four years.  After completion you are a journeyman
earning fifty to seventy thousand a year.  Very hard to compete with
that ! 

I don't know what the answer is, but it seems to me the restriction are
getting tighter.  I think there should be some levels of training
allowed with an easier way to move forward to deeper training on the
job. Thanks to all who have read and participated in this very
interesting discussion



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