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Can't we just all play nice once in a while, instead of flying off the handle for one comment? OK, 2 or 3 would be a problem, but I am getting a bit tired of the vocal minority, on opposite ends of the spectrum. I think a part of the Democracy thing is that we should respect the idea of respect in freedom of speech. Sure people say all kinds of things, but we don't need to instantly attack them. We need to be respectful of others ideas and actions (as long as they aren't hurting anyone of course) even if we don't agree with them. They have their lives and let them live the way that makes them happy. (gee - pursuit of happiness...) I agree about the democratic liberties being taken for granted. I have visited over 15 countries in my youth and lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. I DO NOT take America for granted. I am even ashamed to call myself American on occasion (current administration comes to mind), but I am always grateful to have been born American to have the opportunities and quality of life I have. Opps, sorry I'll get off the soapbox now.


Go hang out in a Non-Democratic society for a few months then come back and
tell us how you have never experienced it here in your homeland. You are
clearly a product of a democratic nation; you take your liberties for
granted so that you don't even know when you have them. If we don't like it
we have the right to protest, to take action and change it! That's
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