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From:"Gudrun Lang"

If it works, ... it's acceptable. Or have you noticed any problems in
staining, that can be caused by this?
And perhaps there are standardizised times and amounts for filling up ;).

I also remember something similiar in our lab before automated staining. And
it was a kind of religion, that the haemalaun (Mayers) even would turn
better with time in the pot. We always had beautiful HEs. (And now we have

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Betreff: [Histonet] Bottomless cup of coffee

 I first came across this concept in Ottawa in 1962 - a cup of coffee
that was replenished at no extra charge.
In Oman in 1989, I came across the Indian vegetarian thali that was
constantly replenished. (Pearl restaurant in Ruwi - highly recommended).
Now I have come across the bottomless pot of haematoxylin, which has
been in use in this lab since I came 8 years ago.
Apparently it is just topped up now and then, and rarely discarded for
fresh haematoxylin.
Is this normal/standard/acceptable.
I am shocked to the core!


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