Re: [Histonet] Melanin pigment

From:Rene J Buesa

  The method is simple, BUT you have to be sure that the sections are completely adhered to the slides.
  Treat them with a 0.1% aq. sol. of potassium permanganate. Check under the microscope to see the melanin changed color.
  Wash with abundant dist. water
  Treat the sections with 0.3% aq. oxalic acid until there is no more color in the section.
  Wash and procede with yout IHC protocol.
  René J.

Cynthia Robinson  wrote:
  Has anyone successfully removed melanin pigment prior to IHC staining with MART-1? Currently we use Ventana I-View DAB and I have suggested switching to AEC for these cases but our paths don't want to spend the money for a second detection system. Any suggestions?


Cindi Robinson HT(ASCP)
Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City
Dunes Medical Laboratories
350 W Anchor Dr
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